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About The Domes


The Tulip Domes are Sui-Shi’s first range of structures, named after their elegant shape. They are octagonal in plan shape and curve up to a peaked top. These exceptional structures come in a variety of sizes and each Dome can be used individually or grouped together via tunnels to build an elaborate space. The labyrinth nature of the Domes creates an adaptable and multi-functioning environment bespoke to your event. The side panels of the Domes can be opened up to soak up the views or closed for a more cosy event. 


We can provide dynamic lighting solutions to suit your event, including our own mini light pods which adds an aesthetic atmosphere to the Domes. These cute lights look like they have literally grown out of the ground!


We can provide bespoke furniture designed to fit in with the aesthetic of the Domes and can be styled to suit the occasion. Whether it’s a 5 course dining experience with fine wines or a relaxed bar area, we can provide the furniture to suit your event.