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Services in Detail

Sui-Shi Domes can offer a variety of ‘add-on’ services to ensure your event has all areas covered. If you need additional services such as catering, tables, chairs, lighting, heating and flowers…..we have a list of preferred suppliers and can arrange these services for you. In addition our team are experienced in some the best UK and worldwide festivals and we will be happy to discuss and further your creative production ideas.  


If your event takes place in Winter you may require additional heating. Indoor and outdoor heating options in colder climates are available and they consist of patio gas heaters, fan gas burners and electric panel heaters.


We work closely with Firefly Solar who provide emission free, sustainable power generators. Firefly Solar have revolutionised live events and can power small productions to main stages using zero-emission technology.Their solar powered generators actively support our sustainable ethos and can be hired in to suit your event if required.


Lighting is an essential element of your event and a true passion of ours. We would be happy to work with you to create a special unique solution for your needs.  We can supply internal lighting for the Domes and environmental lighting to create an atmosphere in a whole space if required.

* These services will incur additional costs.

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